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Tipperary, Cahir and Cashel MD

Tipperary, Cahir & Cashel MD is a beautiful environment and an attractive place to live. There is a strong community spirit and sense of pride with good resources and we celebrate our rich and diverse heritage and culture.

We are inclusive, informed and active in securing a safe and sustainable future where we value each other and work collaboratively and with relevant agencies. Together we work to achieve and maintain good health; a strong, green economy, rich environment; and diverse facilities, amenities and education.

Participation, Democracy and Governance

There is a positive collaborative and inclusive relationship between knowledgeable local communities and local government, that all operate in an open and transparent manner. Communities have meaningful opportunities to influence decision-making by the Local Authority.

  • Communities are educated and understand how local government works and how they can engage successfully with it.
  • All citizens are well-informed, active and engaged and community activities are facilitated and supported.
  • There are mechanisms in place to ensure that all voices in the community are heard at local level and can input where they identify a need.
  • Democratic representatives, the Local Authority and all other agencies make decisions on local issues and are accountable, operating in a transparent manner.
  • Community organisations are also transparent and accountable and supported to meet reasonable governance requirements.

Health (Physical and Mental)

We are a safe and well community who proactively mind our collective wellbeing and are supported with high quality, locally accessible health services, amenities and facilities.

  • This is a safe and caring community that enables a sense of purpose and facilitates the best quality of life for all citizens.
  • All citizens are educated and supported to achieve and maintain good health (diet, addiction, behaviours, fitness, etc.)
  • We have local access to a high standard of both health and mental health services ensuring effective intervention is fully accessible as needed.
  • Quality recreational amenities are accessible to all, to support physical and mental health. Services and facilities meet different peoples’ needs.
  • We are an inclusive community that recognises and supports diversity.

Social and Community Development

Our community works together to ensure that everyone is valued and supported to realise their potential and secure the best possible outcomes for all.

  • We have a sense of unity and belonging and value the contributions of all in our community equally.
  • We empower ourselves through the sharing of our wealth of knowledge, wisdom and skills among all the community.
  • Communities are supported to fund and resource adequate facilities and services to meet the needs they identify and achieve their goals.
  • All individuals and groups have the opportunity to achieve their full potential through the provision of training, education and skills development.

Values, Culture and Meaning

We have a sense of belonging and pride in our community that is inclusive of all cultures, where everyone is valued and welcomed.

  • Ours is a tolerant and non-discriminatory community that values, learns about and celebrates the culture and heritage of all its members.
  • We use local programs and communication mechanisms to increase awareness around local cultures and values.
  • Our community is welcoming and respectful; renowned for its’ neighbourliness and culture of volunteering.
  • All aspects of our Irish heritage are recorded and celebrated.
  • Community activities are inclusive and promote equality and interaction between different groups.
  • There are equal education opportunities for all and support for administration of community groups.

Work, Economy and Resources

This is a vibrant place where people want to live and visit; supported by a strong, sustainable economy, clean environment, excellent infrastructure, amenities and education.

  • There is excellent transport, communication and housing infrastructure which makes this a place where companies want to position themselves and grow the local economy.
  • A high standard of life-long education and training opportunities are available to those working and those not in employment. There are supports in place to increase sustainable, local employment prospects.
  • We have a clean sustainable economy with no waste pollution.
  • We have a strong local tourism identity and outstanding facilities in place to attract and retain visitors to the area.
  • There are flexible supports in place to enable business, the growth of the Green Economy and development of social enterprise.
  • Our communities have good recreational amenities and local facilities.
  • All public funds are administered in a transparent and accountable manner.

Environment and Sustainability

We take a collective responsibility for informed action to support a well-planned clean economy, rich natural environment, green food production and zero waste.

  • We reduce consumption and waste generation through use of shared resources. Waste generation is minimised, re-use is encouraged, and recycling opportunities maximised.
  • Regulation around waste disposal is publicly supported and strongly enforced.
  • All members of our community are supported and educated to actively promote biodiversity and preservation of the highest quality natural environment.
  • We utilise comprehensive green transport infrastructure.
  • The community supports initiatives for green food production.
  • Our built environment is well-planned, accessible and idle properties are promptly renovated and retrofitted; supporting sustainable local communities.
  • The Local Authority and local organisations adopt environmentally sustainable practices and promote green and eco-tourism for this area.
  • Our energy is generated from renewable sources (including community owned) and our homes and public buildings are energy efficient

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