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What types of funding are available to the community and voluntary sector in Ireland? What are the key elements of funding?

Finding and acquiring funding in the community and voluntary sector can be complicated, but there are so many options out there for groups to acquire the funds they need to operate.

A non-profit group can be sustained through many types of financial support, including grants, donations, membership fees, and more outlined below.

Organisations & Links to Active & Annual Grant Schemes.

Tipperary County Council:

Tipperary County Council Grants portal  shows Tipperary county council available grants.


Activelink is an online network for Irish non-profit organisations and is a great resource for groups seeking information on grant schemes and information on Irish non-profit activities. Their active list of available grants includes those offered by national and community schemes around the country.

Community Foundation Ireland:

The Community Foundation for Ireland, through their mission statement, aims to “empower people who want to make a difference through a model of philanthropy that is based on trust, effectiveness and impact.” They run several annual grants and are a great resource of information for volunteer and community organisations.

2 Development Companies in Tipperary (LEADER & SICAP funding)

NTDC (North Tipperary Development Company)  NTDC Company is a local development company responsible for the delivery of a range of rural enterprise, social inclusion, and community development initiatives in the Tipperary North County area.

The purpose of NTDC is “to act as a voluntary, non-profit making, private limited company with a mission to promote social inclusion, to promote economic development, increase employment and enterprise opportunities and promote wider participation in voluntary activity for the people of the area”.

STDC (South Tipperary Development CLG) (STDC) is a local development company that has successfully delivered Rural Development and Social Inclusion programmes in South Tipperary since 2009.

Through our programmes we offer support to a wide range of individuals and groups within the County including job-seekers, small businesses, community groups, children and families.

Philanthropy Ireland:

Philanthropy Ireland is a non-profit organisation which seeks to help community and voluntary groups seek funding, as well as assisting those who would like to contribute to funds and grants. Their website offers great resources on where to seek funds and grants as a voluntary organisation, as well as guidance on the type of funding that may be available. It is one of the most thorough and helpful resources for funding sources and links.


Pobal is a non-profit organisation which acts as an intermediary between the Irish Government and the EU, and programmes who receive funding from these bodies. It is a great resource for those organisations seeking funding from EU and Irish government schemes.

The Wheel:

The Wheel is an online community and network of Irish non-profit and voluntary organisations. It offers services and information on training, jobs and finding. This is a membership organisation and they run a subscription-based grants search engine called Fundingpoint.

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