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Tipperary Public Participation Network (PPN) office is in Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre which is located on LIT campus. Tipperary PPN office is staffed by one resource worker, an admin support worker and community employment scheme participant. They along with the Secretariat (committee) run the day to day business of the Tipperary PPN.

Tipperary PPN is a formal network. Its vision is to inform, strengthen and empower through participation and to support the three pillars of Community, Social Inclusion and Environmental Groups to have their say in shaping local society. It provides a structure to facilitate the two-way flow of information between the Local Authority and the Three Pillars, to influence plans and policies for the future development of Tipperary.

PPN a FLAT structure. This means that all groups in the PPN have an equal voice and an equal input into decision making. There is no leader, no overall spokesperson or chairperson. The main decision-making body of the PPN is the Plenary (i.e. all the independent member groups) which should meet at least twice every year to review the workings of the PPN and set the agenda for the coming period. The elected Secretariat is responsible for the administration of the PPN between Plenary meetings.

Tipperary PPN has Representatives on many boards on committees throughout the county structure. It enables the concerns and experiences of the community to be incorporated at an early stage of policy development, leading to more positive outcomes.

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