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Tipperary PPN is a flat structure and is governed by all the members (the Plenary). In Tipperary we have around 1,400 member organisations which make up our Plenary. To run the PPN a committee type structure called a Secretariat.

The Secretariat is the elected group of members who act as the administrative body of the PPN. They are committed volunteers who coordinate PPN activities between all members (plenary) meetings. They meet monthly to manage, plan and review activities.

There are 15 members seats on the Secretariat, 3 from each pillar in the 5 Municipal Districts.

This is the current list of Secretariat Members and a list of what seats are currently vacant.

If you are interested one of the vacant Secretariat seats, please contact the office on 0504 61014

Municipal Districts Environment Social Inclusion Community/Voluntary
Thurles MD Sean O’Farrell Mike Edwards JJ O’Sullivan
Tipperary, Cahir & Cashel MD Derry O’Donnell Kuldeep Joshi Niamh Ni Chillin
Clonmel BD Alan Moore Josephine O’Connor Daniel Long
Nenagh MD Vacant Seat Charles Stanley Smith Vacant Seat
Carrick-on-Suir MD Martins Punculis Michael Kealy Anne Williamson

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