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Would you like to represent the Community & Voluntary Sector on a Council Committee that interests you?
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Tipperary Public Participation Network (PPN) is a platform for all its members in the Community, Social Inclusion and Environmental Sectors to have a say in local decision making.

There are many ways to have a say, you can take part in online consultations, you can attend PPN Member Events, you can contact your PPN Representatives on the Committees below.
Or you can become a PPN Representative yourself?

Look at the list of current PPN Representative seats that are currently vacant and if you are interested in any of them, please contact Corena on 0874567111 or email before THURSDAY 16th March in 2 days time!

Tipperary County Council is responsible for the provision of an extensive range of public services. These include:

  1. Housing and Building
  2. Road Transportation and Safety
  3. Water Services Provision
  4. Development Management
  5. Environmental Services
  6. Recreation and Amenity
  7. Agriculture, Education, Health and Welfare
  8. General (Elections, Motor Tax etc.)

County Council Policies in relation to the above areas are formulated, considered and recommended by 5 Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs) which aim to give Councillors and Reps from other Sectors (e.g. the PPN, Farming and Business) an opportunity for full involvement in the policy making process from an early stage. These are:

1. Economic Development and Enterprise
2. Environment and Water Services
3. Roads and Transportation
4. Housing, Community and Culture
5. Planning and Emergency Services

Tipperary County Council also promote the interests of your local community including the social, economic, environmental, recreational, cultural, community or general development of your area through other Committees such as:

  • Local Community Development Committee
  • Joint Policing Committee
  • Tipperary Sports Partnership
  • Tipperary Transport Coordination Unit
  • Housing & Disability Steering Group

All of these Committees are made up of County Councillors and Representatives from the many different sectors of Society such as:

  • Agriculture/Farming
  • Business/Commercial and Tourism
  • Educational Institutes
  • Development/Construction
  • Trade Union
  • Public Participation Network

There are also other Committees led by other State Agencies such as TUSLA the Child and Family Agency, the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Eductaion and Training Board (ETB), whose Committees are also detailed below…

County Council Committees & Vacancies

Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) Info & Vacancies

1. Economic Development and Enterprise SPC
The Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) for Economic Development and Enterprise brings together both elected members and other interests, such as the trade unions, farming, environmental and the community & voluntary sectors. These reps come together along with the business community who are actively engaged in the economic aspects of County Tipperary, to formulate, review or develop policies related to council services. The involvement of these relevant interests enables the SPC to best prepare the groundwork for policies which are then decided on by the Local Authority. This model of working provides elected members with external views to assist them in their strategic role in the development of the Local Authority.

The development of the economic elements of the Local Economic and Community Plan were completed by the SPC and it is now responsible for their implementation and review. There is oversight by the elected members of the operation of the Local Enterprise Office (LEO).

The Economic Development and Enterprise SPC has 10 County Councillors, 7 Members from External Sectors of which 3 are PPN. There is currently a PPN Vacancy on this SPC, if you would like to nominate someone in your organisation then you must first join the PPN Linkage Group by following this link: Economic Development & Enterprise SPC Linkage Group

2. Environment and Water Services SPC
The SPC provides a focus for elected members and reps to input into the formulation, development and review of policy such as waste management planning, waste disposal and recycling; burial grounds; civil defence; safety of structures and places; fire protection; elimination of dereliction; pollution control, public awareness and community based initiatives.

The provision and maintenance of quality water supply and sewerage schemes to meet economic and social needs on the basis of a service level agreement with Irish Water and assistance towards the provision of piped water supply and/or sewerage facilities is also on the agenda.

One third of the membership is drawn from sectors relevant to the Committee’s work for example the Business, Farming and Environmental sector. Recommendations from the SPC are submitted to the full Council for approval and presented by the Chairperson.

The Environment and Water Services SPC has 8 County Councillors 4 Members from External Sectors of which 2 are PPN.

3. Roads and Transportation SPC
This SPC is to assist the Council in the formulation, development and review of Roads & Transportation Policy in County Tipperary such as: road upkeep and improvement to meet economic and social needs; public lighting; traffic management; safety education.

The Roads and Transportation SPC has 8 County Councillors and 5 Members from External Sectors of which 2 to are PPN.

4. Housing, Community and Culture SPC
This SPC is responsible for all areas of policy concerning the council’s housing, community and culture functions: assessment of housing needs; management and provision of local authority housing; facilitating the provision of voluntary housing; assistance to persons housing themselves or improving their houses; provision of Traveller accommodation; enforcement of certain housing standards and controls for private rented housing and promotion of social inclusion measures. As well as swimming pools; libraries; parks; open spaces; recreation play and sport; art activities; museums; conservation and improvement of amenities, community initiatives.

The Housing, Community and Culture SPC has 10 County Councillors and 6 Members from External Sectors of which 3 are PPN.

5. Planning and Emergency Services SPC
This SPC looks at areas such as: Physical planning policy including County Development Plans, County Heritage Plans, County Landscape Character Assessment, County Retail Strategy; control of new development and building; promotion of industrial, commercial and community development, enterprise support, supporting partnership/joint projects.

There are 12 members of the Planning and Emergency Services SPC as follows:

  • 8 Councillors – They were appointed to this SPC at the October 2014 Monthly Meeting of Tipperary Co. Council
  • 1 representative from Agriculture & Farming Sector
  • 1 representative from Development Construction Sector
  • 2 representatives from Public Participation Network (PPN)

Councillor Denis Leahy is the Chair of this SPC. The SPC meets 3-4 times during the year to discuss policy in the areas of Planning and Emergency Services (includes Tipperary Fire and Rescue Service and Civil Defence). Recommendations of the Committee are submitted to the Council for approval.

There is currently a PPN Vacancy on this SPC, if you would like to nominate someone in your organisation then you must first join the PPN Linkage Group by following this link: Planning & Emergency PPN Linkage Group

Other Council Committees Info & Vacancies

Local Community Development Committee

The Local Government Act 2014 provides that each Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) will be established as a committee of the Local Authority. The Tipperary LCDC was established in 2014.

The aim of the LCDC is to develop, co-ordinate and implement a coherent and integrated approach to local and community development. The main function of the LCDC is to prepare, implement and monitor the community elements of the six-year local economic and community plan (LECP). You can find out more about LCDC’s by clicking HERE.

There is currently a PPN Vacancy on the LCDC, if you would like to nominate someone in your organisation then you must first join the PPN Linkage Group by following this link:
Local Community Development Committee PPN Linkage Group

Joint Policing Committee
The role of the Joint Policing Committee (JPC) is to act “as a forum for consultations, discussions and recommendations on matters affecting the policing of the Local Authorities administrative area”. PPN representatives on the JPC must have an interest in promoting community safety, tackling issues of anti-social behavior, crime prevention, misuse of drugs, crime and support for crime victims and policy development.

The JPC meets quarterly and the PPN representatives would be expected to attend these meeting and possibly some subgroup meetings. The representative will have a role in developing a Joint Policing Committee linkage group and liaising with and representing groups on the linkage group at the JPC meeting. The representative will also have a role in feeding back information to the linkage group on decisions taken at the JPC meeting as well as providing updates on action from the JPC strategy.

There are currently 2 PPN Vacancies on the JPC, if you would like to nominate someone in your organisation then you must first join the PPN Linkage Group by following this link: JPC PPN Linkage Group

Housing & Disability Steering Group
The purpose of the group is to assist in the delivery of the Housing Strategy for People with Disabilities. The role of the Steering Group includes:

  • Overseeing the local implementation of the National Housing Strategy for People with Disabilities, including the housing of people with disabilities transitioning from institutional care;
  • Developing, monitoring and reviewing of local interagency protocols, as appropriate;
  • Developing plans to meet the housing needs and related supports for people with disabilities;
  • Working with all agencies in the provision of services to people with disabilities including employment, education and training;
  • Acting as a forum for the exchange of information;
  • Reporting to the Implementation Monitoring Committee and the County/City Development Board.

Other State Agency Committees Info & Vacancies

Tipperary Children and Young Peoples Services Committee
(CYPSC) is a county level committee that brings together the main statutory, community and voluntary providers of services to work together for better outcomes for children and young people, aged 0 – 24 years, . It provides a forum for identification of key priority issues, for joint strategic planning to address these and for co-ordination of planned actions to ensure that the key needs of children, young people and their families in the areas of health, education and learning, employment, welfare and safety, and of inclusion in community and society are identified and are addressed through inter-agency work.

There is currently a PPN Vacancy on CYPSC if you would like to nominate someone in your organisation then you must first join the PPN Linkage Group by following this link: Tipperary Children & Young People’s Services Committee PPN Linkage Group

South East Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Force (SERDATF)
Local and Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Forces play a key role in assessing the extent and nature of the drug problem in their areas and coordinating action at local level so that there is a targeted response to the drug problem in local communities. They implement the National Drugs Strategy in the context of the needs of their region or local area through action plans which have identified existing and emerging gaps in the following areas:
• Supply reduction • Prevention • Treatment • Rehabilitation and Research

Drug and Alcohol Task Forces comprise of representatives from a range of relevant agencies, such as the HSE, the Gardaí, the Probation and Welfare Service, Education and Training Boards, Local Authorities, the Youth Service, as well as elected public representatives and PPN representatives.

There are currently 2 PPN Vacancies on SERDATF if you would like to nominate someone in your organisation then you must first join the PPN Linkage Group by following this link: South East Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Force PPN Linkage Group

South Tipperary Suicide Prevention Planning Group
South Tipperary Suicide Prevention Planning Group includes members from relevant statutory, community and voluntary organisations. A series of public meetings took place in 2016 to develop a Suicide Prevention Action Plan for South Tipperary. These public meetings were hosted by community partners to help identify local needs and to develop a local strategy that can improve mental health and prevent suicidal behaviour in South Tipperary.

Other Strategic Boards
Tipperary Sports Partnership
Tipperary Sports Partnership is a Sport Ireland initiative tasked with the delivering, coordinating and leading the provision of a broad range of recreational sport and physical activity in County Tipperary for everyone.

The primary roles of the TSP Board are as follows: – Oversee the creation and maintenance of a sports development structure for County Tipperary. – Ensure those involved in sport are included in creating the structure. – Advocate for and promote sports participation across the county in line with the ISC vision. – Prepare a Sports Development Strategic Plan in consultation with relevant stakeholders. – Access the necessary resources to implement the Strategic Plan. – Oversee the implementation of the Strategic Plan. – Report to the Irish Sports Council on progress.

There is currently a PPN Vacancy on the TSP Board if you would like to nominate someone in your organisation then you must first join the PPN Linkage Group by following this link: Tipperary Sports Partnership Board PPN Linkage Group

Tipperary Transport Coordination Unit
Tipperary is one of 17 Local Links nationally following the restructuring of the Rural Transport Programme by the National Transport Authority. The main focus of the restructuring is to protect the future provision of rural transport services, reduce administrative overhead costs while concurrently establishing an improved structure to facilitate the national integration of rural transport.

The Objectives of Local Link Tipperary are to continue to:
  • Improve quality of life and accessibility to transport for all citizens, in particular for people with reduced mobility and those who may experience isolation due to lack of transport services
  • Improve economic competitiveness through maximising the efficiency of all transport systems within Tipperary and delivering value for money to the taxpayer.
  • Ensure the highest level of standards in safety is applied across all services provided.
  • Seek and identify areas of unmet transport needs through various inputs and liaise with Tipperary County Council, relevant agencies and other appropriate bodies to address such needs.
  • Maintain and improve existing alliances and establish closer working relationships, principally, with Bus Eireann and HSE.
  • Act as a focal point for local public transport in County Tipperary.

Tipperary Education Board – Further Education and training sub committee
Education and Training Boards(ETBs) are statutory authorities which have responsibility for education and training, youth work and a range of other statutory functions. ETBs manage and operate second-level schools, further education colleges, multi-faith community national schools and a range of adult and further education centres delivering education and training programmes.

Tipperary Energy Agency
Tipperary Energy Agency is a social enterprise that has been supporting Tipperary to reduce its energy demand. It’s main aim is to enable people, communities and the public sector in Tipperary to become more sustainable in their energy use. Some of their projects include, SuperHomes which enables home owners to retrofit their home to BER (Building Energy Rating) A rating and the Better Energy Communities scheme. They are also the driving agency behind County Tipperary’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) of which Tipperary Public Participation Network (PPN) are a lead partner.

We are currently looking for organisations interested in Sustainable Energy and the Environment if you are interested in finding out more please complete the following form: TEA PPN Linkage Group

South Tipperary Development Company
South Tipperary Development CLG (STDC) is a local development company that has successfully delivered Rural Development and Social Inclusion programmes in South Tipperary since 2009. Through their programmes they offer support to a wide range of individuals and groups within the County including job-seekers, small businesses, community groups, children and families.

With thanks

The PPN would like to thank all of the County Council Committee staff who sent information to us for this newsletter to our volunteer Sara.

Tipperary County Council and other agencies fill vacancies on these important decision making committees via the PPN.

Notifications of such positions are usually under the ‘PPN News’ column of the fortnightly PPN Newsletter. Please ensure to check the next newsletter for further information and deadlines.

The PPN has a simple process for selecting Reps which is always the same:
(i) Your organisation joins the Linkage Group before the deadline.
(ii) then your organisation must nominate you as a Rep before the deadline.
(iii) then the Linkage Group votes for it’s Rep by an online form (if there is more than one nomination) deadlines always apply.

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